Rental options at Karlova Koruna Chateau

Columned Hall

Columned Hall - circular on the ground floor of the Chateau, from the Hall there is a direct entrance to the Chateau exposition, consisting of 6 surrounding lounges. Columned Hall capacity up to 150 people.

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Round Marble Ballroom/Hall

Round Marble Hall - circular on the first floor of the Chateau, the entrance is an outdoor terrace after a wide staircase or an internal spiral staircase. From the hall there is an entrance to the 6 lounges and the upper gallery. Max. a capacity of 300 people including surrounding lounges.

Chateau Park

Chateau Park - English-style 20-hectare park with rare solitaires offers a wide range of options (garden party, family day, etc.). The chateau atmosphere completes the presence of peacocks.

Event Director
Martina Kubešová
+420 737 215 973

Rental options pricing - Karlova Koruna Chateau

Karlova Koruna Chateau Prices
Round Marble Hall 50 000 Kč
Chateau Park 30 000 Kč
Commercial Photoshoot 5 000 Kč/hour

Above mentioned prices do not include VAT.

In case the Chateau is rented during the months of July and August, an extra fee of 20 000,- Kč/day will be charged due to loss of income from tours.

It is possible to hire individual rooms as well as the entire Chateau.
The final price will depend on the timing, size and duration of the event, as well as other details. We look forward to discussing with you the possibilities/needs for planning your event!

Conferences - Seminars - Trainings

Conference Workshop Table seating
Columned Hall 180 100 50
Round Marble Hall 200 180 150
Side Rooms 50 30 20

Dining - Parties - Social Events

table seated table standing
Columned Hall 100 150
Round Marble Hall 150 300
Side Rooms 30 40

Family Day at the Chateau

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Events / Director of cultural monuments
Martina Kubešová
+420 737 215 973


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